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From the message of the Holy Father
May 12th, 2002

Internet allows billions of images to appear on millions of screens around the world. From this galaxy of images and sounds, will the face of Christ emerge? Will his voice be heard? Because only when His Face is seen and His voice is heard the world will know the “good news” of our redemption. This is the goal of evangelization and this will make Internet a genuine human space, because if there is no room for Christ, there is no space for man. On this World Day of Social Communications, I urge the whole Church to bravely cross this new threshold, to “take off” in the Web, so that, now as in the past, the great commitment of the Gospel and culture can show the world “the glory divine shining on the face of Christ “(2 Cor 4: 6). May the Lord bless all those who work for this purpose “(John Paul II, May 12, 2002, Message for the 36th World Communications Day).

“As the rain and the snow come down from the heavens and do not return till they have watered the earth, making it yield seed for the sower and food for others to eat, so is my word that goes forth out of my mouth: it will not return to me idle, but it shall accomplish my will, the purpose for which it has been sent.” (Is 55,10- 11)

It' very nice to receive and spread the Lord's word!

Don’t be ashamed to spread it to relatives, friends, colleagues. The world continually needs spiritual values and
Christian values enhance it. Spread the Word of God too: it is important and urgent! It’s very important know the Lord’s Word to live according to the Gospel and the true Christian is the one who lives it!.


Spreading the Word of God on the web, and by e-mail, was a holy intuition and a suggestion of the Spirit. The various messages, which from the beginning continue to reach the video author, confirm the importance and the great utility of this mission. The MESSAGES page contains the most significant messages that encourage and urge the continuation of this precious commitment.

Purpose of this website

The idea of creating this site was born in the summer of 2004 in order to publish and disseminate, via the Internet, the numerous audiovisuals dedicated to the Word of God. Each visitor, in addition to seeing the audiovisuals for himself, can download them for free to share them all over to friends and acquaintances to reach the greatest number of people. The Word of God is so important and vital that it deserves to be KNOWN, READ, ACCEPTED, MEDITATED, ASSIMILATED, MADE IN PRACTICE, VERIFIED and DIFFUSED because, where it arrives it produces good spiritual fruits. The Word of God is Light for that part of humanity that wanders in the dark, having erased centuries of humanistic and Christian culture, and that seeks solutions to its own problems where it will never be able to find them. Instead, it is necessary for humanity to know how to confront in fornt of the Word of God that helps people to live according to the indications of the Creator. The rules for living well in the world, in interpersonal relationships, with ourselves and with God are precisely enclosed in Sacred Scripture. How can we ignore this immense wealth of divine wisdom? God created the world according to a precise project and, through the Word, sent us the “instructions for use” so that we can better live this life; man, instead and often, wants to do his own thing by ignoring or rejecting God and his laws. The drama of much of the humanity comes precisely from the will to exclude God from their life.

The author of the audiovisuals

Gaetano Lastilla, 1943, married and father of two children, lives in Florence. A convinced and practicing Catholic, he experienced in his life how the word of God, contained in the Holy Bible, is true and effective. For this reason he believes that the Word should be spread and sown (see the parable of the Sower) everywhere, especially in the world of the Web, an infinite ocean of words, many of which are often empty, meaningless and meaningless. To sow the Word of God, Gaetano uses e-mail to send the audiovisuals he created. These mailings, in the mails, arrive in a moment all over the world, and arrive on the computer of the professional, the employee, the student, the housewife, the teacher etc. in an unexpected way, offering moments of welcome meditation. Naturally from the recipients, not even necessarily “practicing”, there must be consent and readiness to receive such messages. In turn, those who like the audiovisuals will be able to spread the Word of God to their friends, and so on, so that it reaches the hearts of more people, especially those who have not had the grace to know Jesus deeply. Gaetano, in addition to these audiovisual creations, he dedicated, until some time ago, his time to important commitments in the evangelization movement, Cursillos di Cristianità; was an animator of a biblical group that, weekly, gathered at his home to study and meditate on the Word of God. Currently he engaged in the parish as an extraordinary minister of the Holy Eucharist.

The Word of God (instructions for life)

The Author of life, for Love, created The Man, capable of loving and in need of love itself. Through the Holy Bible God transmits us the “instructions for use” to live in the best way. Who, better than the Creator, who knows our needs and our limits, can teach us to live well? If we live according to the Gospel our life really becomes joyful and livable. This is why the Word of God must be known, accepted, read, meditated, digested, lived and disseminated to make it known to all.

Meditation and reading

Reading and meditation of Sacred Scriptures Sunday, do not replace the Holy Mass, to which we are all called to give thanks and honor to God and to ask forgiveness of our sins. In the Eucharistic liturgy, Christ makes present the sacrifice of the cross and offers himself as food for our souls. We acknowledge God as Father, to praise and love always, and we recognize brothers and sisters of all. God is a Father who does not force anyone to love him and praise him, but likes to be loved by sons for their free choice of love.


The Holy Eucharist

Video use

Videos can be sent by email to friends, relatives and acquaintances: invite your friends to join for free at siteweb www.diffondilaparola.com to receive weekly audiovisual free forever Videos are also in Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Gloria TV, Instagram and Linkedin on the Lastilla Gaetano page. “Go out to the whole world and proclam the Good news to all creation” (Mk 16, 15) The Word of God to survive and not always fluke never. Can you really why trust and the only taht never deceives! “Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors to Christ” (John Paul II). Internet moving billions of words often empty, vapid, vulgar, offensive etc. so let’s enjoy the WORD OF GOD! No one should feel obliged to spread the Word of God, through email. In fact, who does not feel ready to do it, know that first he must learn to accept it in their hearts and then, slowly finds the pleasure of transmitting it to others.

Legal disclaimer and Copyright

All the images and music present in the audiovisuals are protected by copyright, for this reason it is forbidden to publicly reproduce them in any way and title. Audiovisuals can circulate freely through mails because e-mail is considered a private circuit. This site is amateur, it has no either commercial purpose or profit but is only for informational purposes. If any author wants to absolutely forbid the use of an image, he can signal it and it will be immediately removed.